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Green Shield Consortium LLP

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Ministry of Manpower

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) WSH


Consultancy, Training & Accreditation Program (ANVIL)

  1. BizSAFE courses by accredited Trainers
  2. Route-map to BizSAFE accreditation
  3. Adhoc consulting and assessment of risk and loss control management

Retainer Program (Green Shield)

  1. Review and maintain the company’s HSE system
  2. Ongoing education/training
  3. Continuous improvement with new WSH KPIs
  4. Periodic inspections
  5. Indoor Air Quality Management
  6. Special arrangements with affiliated Functional and Occupational Health check clinics for Eye, Ear and Heart.

Green Shield Consortium LLP conducts classes at least once a month as follows:

  1. WSH bizSAFE level 1 for top management (CEO, MD, GM etc) to be Risk Manager (RM).
  2. WSH bizSAFE level 2 for Risk Manager, Risk Assessment (RA) leader and team members.

The training courses include:-

  1. Modern leadership in loss control.
  2. The Vision Health Audit at NOOCC EYE CENTRE for all course participants.
  3. The MOM SS531 lighting code at the Ministry of Manpower lighting laboratory located in our Vision Care Hub within the same premises.
  4. Besides covering the Workplace Safety, we have a special emphasis on Workplace Health, which is vital in a workplace where functional health will be highlighted.

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Modern leadership in loss control

WSH bizSAFE level 1 course brochure

WSH bizSAFE level 2 course brochure